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Shimotsuki Island is an Island located in the East Blue that is famous for its many dojos. Many swordsmen and swordswomen from across the globe come to the kenjustu focus village to improve, train and experiment with their sword style. On the Island there an a bridge call; samurai bridge is located towards the center of the Island. It is built out of blue stones and features a large gate at one end, somewhat resembling a torii, emblazoned with the kanji for samurai (侍). On top of the gate is a large, stone statue of a sheathed sword with weights hanging on both ends. The Bridge is generally acts as a place where rival swordsmen and swordswomen can duel one another without worrying about outside interference. The Bridge is constantly being tended to by workers and guarded by the village local law enforcement, which happen to be samurai warriors. Anyone with a Swordplay Field Occupation should take sometime to visit this Island.

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