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Loguetown is a city on the Polestar Islands in East Blue, covering nearly the entire island it is on, save for a few steep hills.  Almost all ships, especially pirate ships, pass through to stock up on supplies for the Grand Line, since Loguetown is in a convenient location very close to Reverse Mountain, just out of sight of the Red Line. Normally, the weather is bright and sunny, occasionally partly cloudy. Ever once in while there is a thunderstorm, but the storm doesn't last for long. At worse the storm will last for three hours or so.

On this island there are many shops and taverns. One shop that is well known is the sword shop run by a man named Blade. He has a good eye for swords and knows his stuff. Jill's place, is the local tavern that everyone goes to for good food and drink. The tavern serves pirates, revolutionaries, and marines alike. Logue Town, is known for exporting mainly lumber and other ship building supplies to all the islands in the east blue. However, their main export is in fact wheat. The island mainly consists of the town and on the other side of the island are lush tropical forests home to some strange plants and animals. The town has a marine base which is the main reason so many pirates are captured there. Finally in the center of the town there is an Execution Platform, where many pirates are executed at.

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