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Healer's Isle has countless Hot and cold mineral springs that heal wounds 100 times quicker than normal. They are said to have been created by the Gods for the sake of healing any sort of Disease or poison and because of this The waters possess a special property that cures any illness but in order to be cured the person must go down to the very core of the island where the Springs come from. Many travelers try and go down to the core but beasts plaque the tunnels downwards which makes things difficult.

If someone happens to get down to the very core they will notice glowing crystals on the ceiling and ancient writing all over the stones surrounding the Main spring. Whoever takes the Water out side of the Island will be cursed to live a life of disease, a black plague like symptom will slowly spread from your fingers and through out your body looking like a black flame had engulfed it. The island has many Waterfalls, Countless tropical trees and massive hot stones to lean against. This Small Isle is wonderful if you wish to get healed in its springs or even go on a little vacation.

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