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Island Description

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The Island Baterilla Is vast with Tropical wildlife and great rich mountains. There are Light houses on the port towns and everything seems to be very lively and friendly, sometimes a bit too friendly. Palm trees are seen every where as well as small tropical animals and creatures.  Cabanas are the main house types here on the Island and everyone seems to enjoy living in them. A popular island for anyone who enjoys the warm weather, clear skies and beaches that litter the island. Tourism is a key factor to Baterilla's economy, over half of the beli earned in Baterilla is due to tourism alone. Once again the Island is a great vacation spot for newlyweds and business owners.

With Tourism playing such a vital part in the success of the Island. The local marines stationed at the Island are less tolerate of crimes, especially crimes that causes harm or even death of others. With a reputation to maintain, the Island's law enforcement are weary of revolutionaries and pirates that come to Island to 'relax'.  Just as long as you don't cause any problems you shouldn't have any problems with the local marines.

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