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Adrian Rhyfel

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1 Adrian Rhyfel on Sun Nov 30, 2014 9:06 pm



I am your God.

Name: Adrian Rhyfel
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Affiliation: Marine - Admiral
Occupation: Ninja / Assassin

Appearance: Adrian has wildly spiked hair along with a white and blue, odd-patterned coat and pants combo. He wears black boots with crown-like ankles on them. On his left side, he has a bracer and paldron attached together. He has a X-like symbol he wears around his neck attached to a chain. His hands are broad for his height, with a tattoo of the kanji symbol for ice on both palms. He has sky blue eyes and smooth skin, with a small nose and mouth. His eyebrows are faint and his face is slightly slender. He has a short head and round ears. Most of his height comes from his legs rather than torso.

Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Tone: Pale
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 150 lb.
Tattoo: Marine Anchor under the left eye

Personality: Adrian is a very malice-filled Marine that holds a powerful grudge against those who harm his society. He takes special care of the society the Marines are tasked to nurture, but what lies within is a deep sadism born from the torture he has received. Once being the victim of pirate ire, he has developed a bloodlust directed towards extinguishing the presence of pirates and ultimately becoming the king of everything. This passion and sadism has made him a twisted man, ruthless when violent and a switch between kind and cold-hearted towards his allies and society. As a Marine, he will enact his duties without a flinch, making him perfect for executing pirates. Adrian acts as if he is soft towards children, but the twisted emotions in him has given him apathy and only a desire to preserve his society, not truly emotional care. Another thing, Adrian is not fond of rebellious acts in that it disrupts order, ultimately annoying him very easily. Another mental weak spot is when someone tries to act tough to intimidate someone, and Adrian feels they are more talk than walk, he will humiliate them; or at least try to. Adrian dislikes the cockiness of others, even though he himself acts prideful and cocky as well.

Adrian likes strategic games such as chess, taking the time to play them in his free time. He often views himself as the king, and playing with the taking of many risks. He often enjoys fighting, as he finds it exhilarating as well as quenching the thirst his sadism has. He stays true to his sadism, often feeling aroused but never revealing it to those that he fights, focusing on their pain to fuel his pleasure. This leads him to want to fight marines that are lower ranked for sparring matches, but often going too far. At the same time, he actively seeks a fight with the people he must enact high malice upon, the pirates.

-Cold things
-Ice cream
-Punishing Pirates
-Inflicting Pain

-Those that disrupt the society he preserves
-Spicy food
-The Weak

Motivations: He is motivated to preserve his society, as well as eliminating the pirate population with ruthlessness and malice.

-He fears his society crumbling
-He fears that he may one day plunge everything in cold.
-He fears failing those who rely on him, as it may harm his ability to obtain political power

Inner Lineage: Adrian is eternally youthful, unable to die from age but still just as vulnerable to every other cause of death as anyone else, naturally. He is stuck at the age appearance of 18, which means he is also resistant to naturally-caused diseases but not immune. Essentially this is a limited immortality, but only in terms of aging.

The cold, it bites at the hearts of the many who live within Drum Island. This has been happening for the entirety of its existence, but the cold of a god bites harder than any natural winter. The power of the godly fruit representing Boreas has brought an unnatural winter of death, of torture and control. This fruit has birthed the Ice King, a delusional Admiral who demands to be considered a god by the inferior. He always trudges through the snow, leaving blizzards over his steps and taken the wildlife with him. Statues would appear everywhere, yet the people were safe because he only let the cold reach them, the drowning snow would avert and stay tamed by the hands of the Ice King. This was Admiral Rhyfel, the terror of Drum Island. Ever since he obtained the Hito Hito no Mi Model: Boreas, he abused the power to become a false god. Down the road of the forest from the castle, he let a blizzard orbit the village but not enter, entering the village himself as he saw the fear from the faces of the weaker. They were all dominated by him, for he - in his mind - was their god.  Weaklings. Smiling warmly in the most ironic way, he watch the tension lower as he put up the guise of his kindness. "Hello all. The storm will pass need to worry. Unless one of you happen to have an issue with it." he looked own at a boy, who trembled in the site at the site of the Ice King. Crouching, he put his hand on the boy's shoulder and smiled, "Boy, is there something wrong?" the boy wiped his tears away, whispering "you're too scary." Popping his eyes into a surprised state, his smile disappeared. All of a sudden, his arm became ice as a crystalline casing of ice engulfed the boy, sending everyone into terror. Soon, the boy was totally engulfed and Adrian stood. Lifting his arms and allowing the blizzard to pass. The screaming citizens were engulfed in snow, and those who were not strong enough were drowned and crushed in ever-growing blankets of the flakes. "I don't think there is anyone left here who thinks that. Oh, seems like the population just hit a dive. Hahaha~." Looking left and right, he summoned a golem of ice. Looking down, he flopped onto his back. "Falo, will I ever have friends?"[/color]"Y-yessss....sir..."No I won't...


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