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James Lee please chek it

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1 James Lee please chek it on Mon Dec 08, 2014 8:38 pm

Name: James lee
Epithet: The Molten Fist
Age:  19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Sexuality: Straight

Affiliation: Revolutionary
Occupation: Brawler - They specialize in a variety of physical strikes although have been known to carry weapons as well. Their physical strength is something that is truly grand. Their offensive and defensive capabilities through the roof. In a hand to hand match, a brawler can become a wild animal fast.

Bonus: Once per topic, the brawler can fly into a rage, taking damage as one rank lower than normal, while doing a rank higher of damage (I.E Normal would go to Minor against them, and Normal from them would go to moderate) This can only be done after being very heavily damaged however, and it only lasts for three posts.

Passive: Brawlers are capable of ignoring up to two wounds that would deal heavy damage in one thread.

Priest - A kind soul who has dedicated their life to helping preserve the well being of their allies. Priests are not nearly as strong in physical combat as their allies, although their faith in them is concrete. They will utilize their trusty rosemary and send blessings onto their crew.

Bonus: Capable of blessing all allies in a ten meter radius for two posts, during which they will take a rank lower of damage with every attack, and their wounds will heal. This can be used twice in one thread.

Appearance:He is a tanned skin young man like most boys from where he grew up.He has the normal orange eyes and the black spiky hair.He usually wears a purple shirt button up.Also symbol of his faith which is three lines coming outside of a circle and a small box in the middle.This represents free your mind and breaking out of the norm.He wears black pants and black shoes.During friday nights from six at night to twelve
He wears the robes of the priest and does not eat nothing and sits meditates and prays.The robes are bright red with black and blue running across it in wavy patterns.He is lean and fit and when doing covert ops he wears a turban and a scarf to concealhis face.
Hair Color:He has black black spiky hair.
Eye Color:He has orange eyes.
Skin Tone:He has a tanned skin tone.
Weight:160 pounds

Personality:He is a very calm and reserved about a lot of things.But when it come to his beliefs.He would fight some one if the speak against his religion.Like when he was a kid the only church for his faith was a run down one and all the the other kids mocked him about there god "Being to poor to afford a better house for his flock."So this lead to him getting in many fights.He had very few friends so he treasures the ones he has and likes to be with them.The reason he does not like marines is because when he was young the marines began to occupy his island and because the marines believed that the church was teaching against the world government they burned it down.And he does not like spiders because they were a sign of evil in the faith.
Likes:Fighting,Praying,Being with Friends.
Motivations:He wants to revive the religion he followed as a kid.
Fears:That he will die without reaching his goal.

Inner Lineage:True faith:He was born from a long line of priests and as such he is more in touch with his spiritual than most think.

Rp Sample:James woke up with a strange head ache and wondered what it was as he fell from the top  bunk of his tiny room he shared with his little brother."Big brother"Whined The five year old.Man that kid is annoying thought James as he shh his little."Just don't tell mom and dad I left okay?"His brother looked like he was going to protest but one look from his brother silenced him.He got some close out put them on and he got his pendent and kissed it for luck.Next he put on a scarf to cover his mouth and and turban around his head so you could not tell who it was.James opened the window and hoped out landing in some bushes to softing his fall.He got up and looked around.The mist that settle around the island was there like it was every night.He hurried to the end of the street and looked both ways to make sure no one was coming.He sliped in and out of the shadows all the way to the church and walked in with a sigh of relief.Ever since the Czar put that curfew into affect it has been hard for people to get to the church.He walked up to the alter and lite a few candles with matches that always sat on the alter and began to pray.He was so deep into his prayers that he did not realize the man one eye until he was standing behind him."Lovely night to break the law huh?"He asked in a light tone.James nearly jumped out of his skin and pulled the mask over his face."W..w..w who are you"He stuttered.He was terrfied of getting caught breaking curfew.That would mean this would be his last strike and he would get thrown in jail for a long time.The man smiled and sat down in a pew smiling."Don't worry boy I am not to keen on following the rules either."He had long gray hair and stuble on his chin.He looked like he had not bathed in days and James repeated what he said earlier.But the man just stared there looking amused sizing up James."So boy have you heard about what is going to happen to this old place."James looked confused he had not heard of any news on his second home.The one eyed man continued"They say that this place is going to get burned down by those new marines who set up there base in the next town over."James was shocked.This was the first he had heard of this."That can't be true the faith of Katon church had stood her for decades.Why would they tear it down."For the first time since he met this man he stooped smiling."Because these marine scum want to take over the whole world they want to destroy all forms of freedom and this church founding principal is freedom."They sat in silence for a while James to mad and scared to speak and the one eyed man just relaxing taking in the cool air that flowed through the broken windows.James took a deep breath and said"What happened to make you hate them so much? "This was a very personal question and the older man weighed his options and then said."My sons were killed by the marines a long ways back.So what are you going to do?"He asked as if he already knew the answer.But James did not understand the question"About what?"The one eyed man grinned"About the damn Marines when they come marching over her to destroy this place.Are you going to stand up for what you believe in or you going to act like the rest and be a good little boy who follows them like a mindless slave."He had a hard edge in his voice and his eye was filled with hate.He was scaring James who could not understand him.What could he do about the Marines.The were the only force in the world who had any weight.The pirates were to fractured.The old man sat back and smiled"If you want to do something about them here take this."He pulled out a fruit that was strange.It was purple and had weird shape."This will give you power and with that power you can protect what you love."James was starting to think this guy was insane."Even if it does have great powers why would you give it to me he asked."The old man got up and in a flash was standing next to James."Because my wide was a fortune teller before she died.She told me that fate would lead here with this fruit to give to a boy who matched your description.He would join my cause and would help take down a lot of marines so either eat or i'm going to make you eat it."The old man said.His voice was flat and he did not look that strong plus James did not like to be threatened so James put up his fist and got ready to fight.The old man sighed and said"Fine have it your way.".James no stranger to fights and he ran at the old man and tried to punch him but the old man was like the wind.One minute he was in front of him the next he was behind and he grabbed James arm turned it up and and kicked that back of his knee making him drop down to one knee and tears of pain come out of eyes at the same time.The old man lifted it some more and when James opened his mouth to cry out in pain the old man stuffed the fruit into his mouth and hit the top of his head which made him bite down on the fruit.James began to cough and the taste was so horrible that he threw up his dinner.Suddenly the pressure was gone on his arm and he was free to get up.He quickly ran out of the church and went straight home into his room to scared to even think about what happened.Little did he know that this would lead him down a path against the world government.

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Since we came to an agreement with Ryan, I'll mark this as approved but he is responsible for keeping an eye on you.


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