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The Lvneel Kingdom is an island country that relies on sea trade for their economy to function. Because of this, the kingdom is home to a formidable naval presence that rely on themselves to defend their ships instead of hiring the Marines to do it for them. The standard of living in Lvneel is rather high, as there is little to no poverty thanks to their blooming economy and their advanced fleet keeps pirates at bay. The styling of the housing is Victorian through Renaissance era architecture. The castle housing the royal family sits in the center of the city. As having a castle implies, Lvneel is a kingdom and therefore free of any marine influences. However, they aren't exactly friendly with pirates. In fact, they are wary of outsiders, which explains why they only export and do not import goods. As such, their economy is simple, and hundred percent self-sufficient. The climate on this island is, in North Blue standards, decently warm during spring and summer, while fall and winter bring frost and snow to the green hills and villages.

The Kingdom attracts merchants and shipwrights from across the globe (A prime recruiting place for any crews searching for anyone who knows their way around a vessel) . The Kingdom has the multiple guilds and shops devoted to the shipping and ship-building, which is another reason why the Kingdom is a growing power in the North Blue. Anyone who has an occupation in the Experimentation Field, should come visit this Island in order to give better insight and receive lessons from top-notch experts.

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