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Water Seven

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Water Seven

Water Seven is a city in paradise known for its amazing shipwrights.There are water-ways and canals that are used for transportation almost like roads, often surrounded by sidewalks on the canals. Many citizens use Bulls which are Sea Horse like creatures that are attached to boats to move around the city. Also, some shops rent bulls of various sizes, although they rarely rent King Bulls as they are gigantic in size. There are 3 main types of Bulls, the 2 smaller sizes are used for transport. The Bulls are good to use because they can go up ramps of water and move about the city. Architecture is very colorful, often using a tan or peach color for the walls and roofs which are many time red and semi-circular; nearly all the roofs are of red color and texture. The houses are tiered to allow for more houses to take up room and are usually made keeping in mind the city sinks. Some Canals are wide enough for ships, but those are mostly just to let some ships enter the city so they may be docked somewhere. Pirates are generally allowed, but are warned that if they cause any problems then they'll regret it. The city resembles a giant fountain in a volcano shape because of the tiered system of building houses.

There is a single sea train that connects Water Seven and several other islands so the city itself can flourish. There are seven docks each controlled by different companies that own shipwrights that upgrade, repair, and build ships for loads of people. There's also a remote island near Water Seven called Scrap Island that's a island of scrapped material from ships.

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