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Alexa Icnoyotl

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1 Alexa Icnoyotl on Sun Nov 30, 2014 8:56 pm

Amara Wynn

Name: Alexa Icnoyotl
Epithet: Snake Heart
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Sexuality: Lesbian

Affiliation: Viper's Fang Pirates
Occupation: Brawler/Knight

Appearance: Alexa is a person with a highly varied wardrobe, wearing whatever is most comfortable to her, typically meaning that she only wears sleeveless tops, loose fitting pants or shorts, and little to no other accessories, at least when on a ship or on the run. However, if she can hide herself well enough, Alexa will, on occasion, wear dresses, skirts, and more feminine clothes. Another noted feature or two should be her rather large bust, with her cup size being about a G cup, or a DDDD cup, and her cat slitted eyes. Once upon a time, she had long, flowing purple hair that reached down to her back, but, in lieu of recent events, she has cut it short, and has decided to keep it at about jawline level for a while.
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Amber/Gold
Skin Tone: Tan
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 160 Lbs
Tattoo:  She has a full color rendering of a skeletal hand holding a pair of scales on her back, which is the symbol of her crew.
Personality: As a person, Alexa has a lot of positive traits: She's very upbeat, she always has a lot of energy, she's almost unconditionally kind, she is the most loyal person you will ever meet, and she is honest without being blunt. However, like every person, Alexa has enough bad traits to balance the good: She is a very loudmouthed person, which tends to get her in trouble, especially when paired with how cocky she is. And, to make matters worse, she is extremely stubborn, only backing down if something she fears is present. Perhaps the only two of her negative traits that don't feed off of each other are her tendencies to be very vulgar and rather impatient. However, she has several traits that don't fall under good or bad: She is very calm, typically being able to hear out someone even in a heated argument, she doesn't believe in the idea that races define who people are, and she doesn't restrict her love to those of any one gender. Just like every person, she has a few habits, and a few nervous tics. One of her habits is actually something that onlookers could find very funny: She on occasion will walk around naked in her home and on her ship. It's a sign that the very unmodest woman is comfortable with a place.  Another habit of hers is to almost casually use the stretchiness of her body to do things, specifically catch things that are about to fall into the ocean so she doesn't lose them. She's had the ability for so long that she sometimes forgets how rare it is, and how it reveals that she's either a pirate or a marine. As for Tics, she has the tendency to play with her hair when bored, and when nervous, she bites on her bottom lip.    
Likes: Kind People, People that help promote freedom, Honesty
Dislikes: Marines, People that restrict the freedom of others, Executioners
Motivations: To see all the world possibly has to offer
Fears: Spiders, Captivity, Death

Inner Lineage:
Nature's Beauty: The user's bloodline is heavily connected to the plants and earth, and as such, being around plants causes the user to be levelheaded, even calm in the midst of battle. This trait also allows them to communicate with nature, including the animals that walk the earth, and even the plants that the user is so connected to. This is very useful in many situations, especially when the user would otherwise be thrown into a fit of rage.

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2 Re: Alexa Icnoyotl on Mon Dec 01, 2014 10:10 pm

If no devil fruit needing a writing sample, then you're A ok. Just need another opinion.

Osore Fujikata

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3 Re: Alexa Icnoyotl on Mon Dec 01, 2014 10:19 pm


Your DF doesn't require a writing sample.

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