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Reddick T. Rocket (Ryandurbur's Pirate)

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1 Reddick T. Rocket (Ryandurbur's Pirate) on Sun Dec 07, 2014 9:10 pm

Name: Reddick T. Rocket
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Sexuality: Asexual

Affiliation: Hoshi Pirates
Occupation: Shipwright | Engineer

Appearance: Rocket’s silvery-white hair flows like a country-side stream towards the back of his head, protruding into small, elaborate spikes. His golden-bronze eyes only help to complement the many different colours about his figure. He sports several ring-like piercings on his upper left ear. His slender neck is wrapped loosely in a white cloth, hiding some type of tattoo from any spectators. A red button up shirt covers his torso, the two buttons near the top left free to flap against his chest. He prefers to keep his sleeves rolled up, seeing as when they’re down, they get in the way of fighting. His left hand is wrapped in a bandage around his upper-knuckles, concealing a small tattoo that reads ‘STRIVE.’  His long black skinny jeans are only held up by a thin, silver buckle belt. His black boots are also lined in a silver-like colour around the soles, pertaining to his Epithet.

Hair Color: Silvery-White
Eye Color: Red
Skin Tone: Pale
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 156lbs
Tattoo: Rocket has one tattoo, it is covered by white bandage wrappings. Around his left fist's knuckles is the word "STRIVE"

Personality: Rocket is a very cooky person. He tends to joke around a lot, and more often than not is seen laughing at random things. When the situation calls for it, his serious side kicks in, but for the most part, he likes to keep life simple and laughable. When he isn’t trying to lighten moods, or isn’t seen laughing at something at least once, then you would know he is in a bad mood. Whenever Rocket is in a nasty mood, it’s like a rain-cloud is constantly bearing down on him. Although, this isn’t a good analogy.. seeing as he enjoys rain. That is another thing one might notice about him; The fact that he is happiest on a rainy day. Due to his wacky nature, he is often disliked by elders, even getting on the nerves of his own family at times. Though he gets on their nerves, he greatly respect his elders, the same goes for friends. Rocket shows respect for anyone who laughs with him, or at his jokes. Rocket hates bullying. With a passion. ( I know this is supposed to be in the dislikes section, but his dislike for bullying is such a big part of his personality I feel it should be in here. ) Being slightly bullied as child, he knows the pain. A Rocket who has seen someone being bullied is not a happy Rocket. Twenty times out of ten, Rocket will go out of his way to help and protect someone who is being bullied or harassed. He’s been known to set aside his Shipwright duties to assist someone who was being bullied. When it comes to Rocket having to make important decisions, which determine not only the outcome of himself, but people important to him, he panics and often makes a decision he ends up regretting in the future.


Likes: Rain, Cold temperatures, Friendly people, Iron, Toothpicks, Working on ships, Flintlocks, Abnormally coloured animals, Fruit

Rocket has a huge liking for Mermaids. Despite his asexuality, Mermaids are the only women on earth that bring out his inner man. He normally loses consciousness due to major nose bleeds when he encounters them.

Dislikes: Marines, Beer/Ale, People who claim that individuals with Devil Fruit powers are superior to individuals without Devil Fruit powers, Small boats, Vegetables, Wearing rings


1) To fight and tame "The Beast"

2) To master Rokushiki

3) To become a world class Shipwright

4) To create his own battle blimp.

1) Being Alone - Rocket is afraid of being alone, because if he is alone, then to him that means he has no one to share his laughs with, no one to share his thoughts with, no one to look up to, no one to look up to him, no company.
2) Anchors - Rocket has a vendetta against anchors. He knows the reason for them, and respects why they’re made and used, but he feels as if one day one is going to get launched into the air, and come crashing down upon him.
3) Toothpicks running out - Rocket is terrified by the possible fact that one day toothpicks might run out. He believes if that happens, then his anxiety will return, and he will become insane, which is something he does not want to do.
4) Enemy Logia Devil Fruit users - Rocket admires certain Logia Devil Fruit users, but fears them at the same time. He recognizes the sheer destruction and mayhem a Logia Devil Fruit user could potentially cause, and is not fond of it.
5) Failing - Rocket is deathly afraid of the fact that one day he will fail. Whether he fails himself, or he fails others, it doesn’t matter.
6) Spiders- Ever since childhood, Rocket has been diagnosed with Arachnophobia for unknown reasons.

Inner Lineage: Shipwright's Prospect- Due to Rocket’s parents being Shipwright, he inherently obtained the bulk of their knowledge and skill through birth. Though he does not use his skill to it’s full potential, some may consider him a genius, due to him having such high caliber abilities pertaining to building and or working with ships.

Outer Lineage: Fortune Finder: Unlike, most outer lineages that have direct use in combat. This lineage is one of the few that doesn't instead it allows the user to gain riches more quickly than others. Anyone with this lineage earns 50% more Beli for Beli rewards.

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2 Re: Reddick T. Rocket (Ryandurbur's Pirate) on Sun Dec 07, 2014 9:49 pm

Remake. Looks fine. Need another approval.

Osore Fujikata

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I agree with Koukestu. So this app is.....

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