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God's Aegis

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1 God's Aegis on Sun Dec 07, 2014 4:21 pm


Equipment Name: God's Aegis
Tier: 5
Type: Armor
Equipment Significance: This is purposed for keeping Adrian protected as it is a full suit of armor.
Description: |Appearance| The armor is golden in appearance, with a black secondary color. The visor is not as armored, but grants face concealment and for Adrian to see unhindered. On the elbows are blades that come out so he can utilize them in battle. It is a medium-weighted suit of armor to grant him protection without mobility hindrance.

Strengths: -Collapsible, the collapsed form is a paldron on the left shoulder that utilizes a button.
-The armor when it comes out and collapses turns into Adrian's logia state in comparison, absorbing into the paldron or beaming out of it.
-It is as resistant to the cold as Adrian is.

Weaknesses: -The joints use leather, acting as more vulnerable points for those of equal power to the armor's tier.
-Adrian is vulnerable momentarily when he extends or collapses the armor.
-Adrian can easily be warmed while concealed by the armor.

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2 Re: God's Aegis on Mon Dec 08, 2014 10:41 am


That Warmth.

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