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Kalista Amatsu [W.I.P]

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1 Kalista Amatsu [W.I.P] on Sun Dec 07, 2014 1:05 am



Kalista Amatsu
"Crimson Lily"

Name: Kalista Amatsu
Age: 36
Gender: Female
Race: Kuja
Sexuality: Pansexual
Affiliation: Marines - Admiral
Occupation: Knight


Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Rose
Skin Tone: Fair
Height: 5'9
Weight: 135 lbs
Tattoo: -Check Spoiler-

Back Tattoo:

Personality: Kalista has a violent disposition and is easily irritated, having no tolerance for anything complicated or repetitive. She doesn't care about her own appearance in the slightest nor compliments referring to it and has little regard for her own health due to her ideal that a soldier that does not put their life on the line every moment, is not worthy of being a Marine in the first place. Often apathetic and bitter towards everyone around her, even sometimes her equal ranked peers, she is prone to scoffing at anyone or anything which distracts from her or her subordinates from her/their main objective. Kalista is staunchly loyal, firm, and unbending in her beliefs. She is a hard worker and takes a strong moral stance — she particularly believes in following orders. She is generally reserved around others, not speaking with most unless first spoken to or only speaking with individuals of her rank in the marines, though she is not above mocking her opponents or smirking while in combat. She will not hesitate in the slightest to strike down even her subordinates if they stand in her way. Quite often, Kalista has a quirk for flippantly switching to a more polite language and tone. When she does this, it's often used as build up for a satirical insult. She is a person of incredible resolve, not hesitating to do whatever it takes to complete a mission and defeat her enemy. On another note, Kalista believes that weaponry should be seen as more than just a tool, that it should be seen as an extension of the body: simply relying on the weapons strength alone will not make you a master of it.

- Summer
- Donuts
- World Government
- Blood
- Lily Flowers

- Takoyaki
- Pirates
- Snakes
- Rain
- Firearms

Motivations: Kalista has the goal of total annihilation of all Pirates and whomever else would stand in the World Governments way. She believes that this world requires order, a type of which that only herself and those of similar rank in power can bring about. Believing no price to be too big for the cost of Justice and Order, she seeks to change the world for the better of the Government and for peace throughout the Blues.

- Drowning
- Spiders
- Complete Darkness

Inner Lineage:



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